Bonding for Contactors

New State Rules to obtain a License for Division I and II Contractors.

This may affect you......Florida Law requires anyone with a credit score less than 660 to Obtain a Financial Stability Bond.


API can Help! If you are willing to take a Financial Stability Course, your bond can be reduced by 50%. 


Now Available: 14-Hour Financial Responsibility & Stability Course


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100K Financial Officer Bonds

Construction Industry Licensing Board allows Financial and Legal responsibility to be reassigned to another party other than the License Holder.  If the License Holder is not an owner or willing to take this role, we can submit a 100K Financial Responsibility Application to reassign this role.


*Financially Responsible Officer means a person other than the primary qualifying agent who with the approval of the board assumes personal responsibility for all financial aspects of the business organization.  Refer to Florida State 489.1195 (b) for responsibilities assigned to this role. 


County Bonds & Out of State Bonds

County Bonds are based on individual county requirements. Most counties do not require bonds unless you are a state registered county contractor. 


Out of State Bonds are based on individual state licensing requirements.


State Licensing & Testing

Contractors everywhere can gain valuable continuing education hours in our innovative Live Online Classrooms without ever leaving the comfort of their own home. Currently, we provide Continuing Education for Licensed Florida Contractors; however, API Processing-Licensing will continue to broaden our Continuing Education Course List that will soon encompass a nationwide selection.


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